Mojust Global Resources is an industry leader in providing comprehensive NDT services to lots of customers throughout Nigeria and beyound.

We provide the full spectrum of NDT methods, from the most basic to the most advanced, and we work with equipment suppliers and industry technical societies on an on-going basis to develop new and better methods.

All of our technicians and inspectors are trained and certified in conjunction with the appropriate technical societies for the oil & gas industry, including, among others, ASME, BSI, DNV, ASNT, etc.

Our quality assurance department continuously updates our procedures and best practices.

To learn more about specific nondestructive testing services that may fit your needs check out the links below:

Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Testing

Magnetic particle and liquid penetrant testing are both line of NDT surface examination offered by Mojust on a daily basis.
Our expertise in these NDT techniques guarantees our clients of good quality service when utilizing Mojust.

Ultrasonic Testing

This is an NDT technique offered by Mojust in which Ultrasonic frequency waves are used to examine the structural continuity of an item, including the detection and location of flaw. It can also be used to measure thickness.
Mojust Global Resources has broad range of Ultrasonic testing equipment that serves our client in areas of their specific needs. Most of our UT thickness gauging instruments Data Logging features and Echo-Echo ability. Benefits are On-the-Spot readiness of Inspection reports coupled with productive time savings from not removing paint coatings before inspection.

Eddy Current Testing

Mojust Global Resources provides eddy current inspection for HVAC, Heat Exchangers, welds and various other types of infrastructure. Our Eddy Current Inspection engineers have got experiences on the Job as well as Classroom training on Eddy Current Inspection to international standards.